Bigfoot Glue Strain

Bigfoot Glue Strain is the perfect strain for those who really like a good, mellow high with some serious pain relief benefits! This hybrid has been bred to produce large sticky buds that carry very high levels of THC.

The plants are also resistant to mold infestations which means you can grow them either indoors or out and still get great results.

Bigfoot Glue Feminised is a sativa-dominant Bx4 hybrid that was bred by crossing GG 4 with Humboldt Headband. Bigfoot Glue is an Indica-dominant strain that has a pine and earthy scent with flavors of pine, sour flowers.

The THC levels can range from 17 – 25% while the CBD level ranges at 0.09%. This potent couch lock inducing high will put you in your happy place where all stress melts away into total relaxation with an uplifting feeling to keep spirits up as well.

  • Parent Strains – GG 4 x Humboldt Headband
  • THC Levels Up To 25%
  • Flowering Time 9 – Weeks
  • Harvest Time – October