Blue Gelato 41

Blue Gelato 41 is a 3-way hybrid strain cross between Sunset Sherbert, Blueberry strain, and Girl Scout Cookies Thin Mints pheno-type. Another West Coast cannabis strain by Barney’s Farm, this strain has 60% Indica genetics.

You can expect Blue Gelato 41 flowers to produce some beautiful purple and blue hues alongside the stickiest of resin.

With the ability to be cultivated both indoors and outdoors Blue Gelato 41 strain really is a fantastic strain to grow for beginners and experienced alike.

Delivering a feeling of clear-headedness and great for pain relief, alongside an energetic high, and with a scent that can be described as intensely fruity, fresh, with earthy notes and a taste of citrus.

  • Lineage – Blueberry Strain x GSC Thin Mints x Sunset Sherbert
  • Height – 59”-78”
  • Flowering Time 9-10 Weeks