Blue Ocean Strain

Blue Ocean Strain is a hybrid strain that has an Indica/Sativa ratio of 50/50%, with a THC range of 17-20% Blue ocean strain has moderate to high levels of THC and produces notable effects, whilst the THC content is fairly high CBD content in Blue Ocean strain remains very low.

This strain has a lavender aroma and people have noted a fruity taste, with effects often noted as possible pain relief, happy and energetic.

Other users have said they picked up tones of blueberry probably hailing from one of its parent strains, unfortunately, some users have reported anxiety with Blue Ocean Strain and this may be due to its high THC content which can often cause anxiety and paranoia in those inexperienced with cannabis use or those who are highly sensitive to cannabis’s psychoactive effects.

This is in contrast to some who have reported they have anxiety relief when using Blue Ocean Strain, it is for this purpose we recommend taking it slow with this strain and monitoring its effects before increasing the dosage of Blue Ocean strain consumed.

There is a lack of information available for the Blue Ocean strain and to find it is even rarer, but for those looking for a similar strain, we recommend trying the Blueberry strain of Blue Dream strain.

  • THC 17-20%
  • Indica/Sativa ratio of 50/50%