Blue Sunset Sherbert Strain

Blue Sunset Sherbert Strain is a high-strength, durable hybrid strain that bears both Sativa and Indica qualities. They are resilient plants with dense colas which can easily support the weight of flowers even when grown in outside environments where they reach up to 80 cm tall.

These compact plants grow well indoors as long as you provide them with plenty of light or out doors if given enough warmth during their flowering period (59 – 63 days).

Blue Sunset Sherbert strain is a powerful Indica-dominant strain that will give you the psychoactive effects you’re looking for. This strain has high THC levels, reaching up to 28%. Blue Sunset Sherbert will flower in 8-9 weeks and produce dense, resinous buds.

  • Lineage – Sunset Sherbet strain & Purple Punch Strain
  • Flowering Time 8-9 Weeks
  • THC Levels Up To 28%