Blueberry Dream Strain

Blueberry Dream Strain is a Sativa strain created by those at Leads by Snoop and currently has undisclosed genetics. Although we believe it is likely very similar to the famous Blue Dream hybrid strain.

Blueberry Dream strain users often report feelings of happiness and being relaxed, with common reports of Blueberry Dream users being aroused.

This strain is also noted for its calming effects on stress and may help some people with their aches and pains.

THC Levels have been measured at up to 16% so its medium THC levels and giggly often relaxed effects make this a great strain for those new to using cannabis.

Blueberry Dream Strains dominant terpene is Myrcene, and medical marijuana patients have reported  Blueberry Dream strain to taste of blueberries and berry, and overall sweet taste.

We recommend this strain as an overall mood enhancer as it has less jarring psychoactive effects thanks to its medium THC content, and sweet-tasting flavour.

  • Up to 14% THC content