Bubblegum Gelato Strain

Bubblegum Gelato strain is a hybrid strain made by crossing Bubblegum and Gelato which has a ratio of 60% Indica and 40% Sativa, people who have used this strain have reported feelings of relaxation an increase in focus and tingling sensations.

Noted for its delicious flavour this hybrid strain cultivated by the Backpack Boyz has notes of sweet raspberry and cherry flavours and hints of sugary bubblegum, with a very sweet and fruity aroma that is instantly notable.

THC levels are stated to be somewhere between 16-19% and is considered in the medium to high range, meaning the Bubblegum Gelato strain may be good for those with pain issues, appetite loss and nausea and insomnia, it is important to note that high THC levels can affect users differently, and the overall cannabinoid and terpene profile is important when it comes to how you will react personally to a strain.

Buds from Bubblegum Gelato strain are noted to be forest green with long thin orange hairs and coated in amber crystal trichomes, for those of you that cant get this strain locally we suggest trying on the parent strains such as Gelato #45 or Bubblegum.

  • THC levels 16-19%
  • 60% Indica
  • 40% Sativa