Burpee Premium Organic Potting Mix


Burpee Natural & Organic Premium Potting Soil Mix is perfect for those who are looking to grow flowers, vegetables and herbs. This organic potting soil contains plant food that feeds your plants instantly while also providing a slow release of nutrients up to 3 months after planting the seeds!

Organic vegetable and flower gardening is a fun but challenging task. A mixture of different natural ingredients offers the best results for organic gardeners who are looking to grow their plants with little fuss.

This premium growing mix was formulated by an experienced team that have decades of experience in working with various soil types, fertilizers, and materials related to plant growth.

The specially-formulated blend provides nutrients quickly when it’s applied as well as continuing provide those same benefits over time all while maintaining moisture levels between watering cycles without fear that your soil will dry out too much or stay saturated from prolonged periods of rain.