Cherry Cookies Strain

Cherry Cookies Strain is an exotic hybrid that features some of the best genetics in the cannabis industry.

The Cherry Cookies strain takes most of its traits from GSC, which is why it isn’t the fastest grower around. If you decide to grow the Cherry Cookies strain, it’s best to grow it indoors or under the safety of a greenhouse. Lastly, expose the Cherry Cookies strain to colder temperatures during late flowering to encourage impressive colors.

The Cherry Cookies Strain is a hybrid that combines the genetic lineage of the Cherry Pie strain and Girl Scout Cookies. With a 30% Sativa/70% Indica split, this strain is perfect for users who are looking for a balance of effects.

The cannabinoid content reaches up to 26% THC, making it a potent option for those seeking out powerful relief. The terpene content includes caryophyllene, humulene, and limonene, giving the Cherry Cookies Strain a unique flavor profile that is sure to please.

This strain also boasts a moderate level of resistance to diseases and pests, making it a great option for those looking to cultivate their own crop. The flowering time is 8-9 weeks.

  • Parent Strains – Cherry Pie strain & Girl Scout Cookies
  • Difficulty – Moderate
  • 26% THC