Coast of Maine Soil

Stonington Blend Soil

Coast of Maine provides quality soils, composts, and amendments using the very best ingredients, all at an affordable price. Most, if not all are OMRI certified alongside being highly rated by cultivators from around the globe.

In the Stonington Blend we have one of Coast of Maines most popular and highly thought of organic soils.

If you are looking for a high quality growing media that contains multiple beneficial ingredients, then Stonington Blend is the product to use. It’s one of our most premium mixes and it has everything needed to grow healthy plants from seedlings in your garden or indoors under lights!

This nutrient rich potting soil mixture consists of sphagnum peat moss mixed with coco fiber (coir) lobster compost, worm castings, dehydrated hen manure- among other things – all which have been long time trusted by industry professionals as being optimal soil amendments when creating potting mix.

Specially formulated, Stonington Blend is the ideal growing medium for its consistency in water retention and aeration. Stonington blend can provide a perfect balance between soil texture, drainage and air space to any plant it’s used on!

In addition to cannabis, growers have reported tremendous results from using Stonington Blend Grower’s Mix with other crops. The soil incorporates mycorrhizal fungi and alfalfa meal in order to support plant growth by providing beneficial nutrients and enhancing the uptake of water and minerals like phosphorous for root development. This complex “super soil” is designed for high performance container growing, making it great even when you can’t get outside!

If you’re on the lookout for the best soil for cannabis, then give Coast of Maine a try, you won’t be disappointed. Made using the finest ingredients, and tested throughout the composting process, you can rest assured the Stonington blend is a quality all-round soil.