Cookie Glue Strain

Cookie Glue Strain is a wonderful addition to any garden. Once harvest time rolls around, you’ll find perfectly dense buds, loads of trichomes, and an aroma that will make your mouth water. Cookie Glue prefers a hydroponic medium and performs best in a Sea of Green setting.

Cookie Glue Strain is a mix of two legendary strains, Cookies and Glue. It’s a Sativa-dominant hybrid that has high THC levels (up to 22%) and produces an uplifting, euphoric buzz. It’s perfect for daytime use and is great for creativity and productivity.

Cookie Glue Strain grows tall (4-6 feet) and is resistant to disease. The flowering time is 10 weeks and the yield is above 350 grams per meter square when grown indoors.

  • Parent Strains – Cookies & Glue Bx2
  • Flowering Time – 10 Weeks
  • Height – 4-6′