Golden Tiger x Panama Strain

Golden Tiger x Panama strain is an interesting new hybrid strain combining the fast-flowering and trippy effects of a specially selected Golden Tiger female plant with high yield potential from its pure sativa parent, Panama Goddess. The result: quick flowering time in hot weather plus powerful psychedelic effect that’s resistant to heat as well as botrytis and mildew.

This plant is known for its gorgeous, dense buds. It thrives in high-light environments but should be given a short vegetative stage to prevent it from getting too unwieldy indoors. 11 hours of light then 13 hours without will help control stretch by allowing the flowers time to consolidate into their flowering cycle.

Golden Tiger X Panama Strain has the ability to grow in both SoG and SCRog environments. In order for flower production to be successful indoors, this strain requires 11-12 weeks of flowering time; however outdoors cultivation can work well at any climate zone that falls within 43° latitude north or south.

  • THC Level As High As 26%
  • Harvest Late October – Early November
  • Cerebral, Powerful, Psychedelic High