Grape Diamonds Strain

Grape Diamonds strain is a hybrid marijuana type and phenotype of Memberberry. It offers a quick-hitting high that feels buzzy before eventually giving way to physical tingles and relaxation. The effects of Grape Diamonds Strain are more calming than energizing which makes it an ideal choice for cannabis consumers who prefer a mellow effect.

The Grape Diamonds strain is great for medical marijuana patients looking to relieve a whole host of symptoms. This 17% THC strain delivers grape flavor and aroma followed by notes of skunky sugar, diesel, and grape.

This strain of marijuana is dark purple and covered with orange hairs. It has an average flowering time of 63 days, producing an average yield.

Grape Diamonds strain grows vigorously, develops well-branched plants with short to medium internodal distances; it’s easy for cultivation using hydroponic or soil systems.

  • Mid-High THC Levels
  • Easy Cultivator
  • Dense Buds