Growing Mediums


Best Soil For Cannabis

There is no one “best” soil to grow cannabis, as each variety of cannabis has different needs. However, a good all-purpose soil mix for growing

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Burpee Premium Organic Potting Mix

Buy Burpee Natural & Organic Premium Potting Soil Mix is perfect for those who are looking to grow flowers, vegetables and herbs. This organic potting soil contains plant food that feeds

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ProMix Potting Mix

Buy ProMix Premium Potting Mix is an all natural, peat-based potting mix that will help you grow healthy plants.  This premium potting soil mix has the right balance

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Wonder Soil

Buy This potting mix is all natural, with no synthetic fertilizer or herbicide. It’s virtually sterile to promote strong plant growth, and it contains breathable

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Stonington Blend Soil

Coast of Maine Soil

Buy Coast of Maine provides quality soils, composts, and amendments using the very best ingredients, all at an affordable price. Most, if not all are

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Fox Farm Strawberry Fields

Fox Farm Soils

Introduction Fox Farm is a household name in the cannabis industry. They do a range of growing media from cannabis soils to fertilizers and they

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