Guava Cake Strain

The Guava Cake strain is a hybrid pheno of Gold Leaf strain and Wedding cake strain that has been known for its mood-lifting, relaxed high. The aroma and taste are both tropical with citrus notes and an earthy undertone making this one of the most popular medical marijuana varieties on today’s market!

These dark and sticky buds have chunky crystals that give off an irresistibly sweet aroma. The strain is 70% Indica, with 30% being Sativa. THC levels average around 28% and the high starts off as energizing before inducing sleepiness.

Guava Cake strain is a high-yield strain that requires plenty of support for the large swollen colas. Take care in training and monitoring early on, as you’ll also want to watch out for mold or powdery mildew by keeping your air circulation and humidity levels at an optimum level!

  • High yield
  • THC levels between 28-30%
  • Chunky trichome covered buds