Lava Cake strain

If you want to turn your cannabis garden into a dank cookie factory — Lava Cake is the marijuana strain you need. Not only is the Lava Cake strain incredibly delicious, but it’s also outrageously potent. One hit from Lava Cake will send you reeling to an early bedtime. Indulge in cookie-like flavors without the calories with Lava Cake Strain.

This delectable bud is a cross between Thin Mint GSC and Grape Pie strains, resulting in a 30% Sativa – 70% Indica hybrid with up to 18% THC levels. Rich in myrcene, linalool, and pinene terpenes, Lava Cake is perfect for those looking for a strain that prefers hot climates.

It grows up to 6-7′ tall with moderate resistance to disease and produces yields of up to 450 grams per meter square when grown indoors or over 600 grams per plant outdoors.

  • Parentage – Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies & Grape Pie Strain
  • Up To 18% THC Level
  • Terpenes – Myrcene, Linalool, & Pinene
  • Moderate – Difficult To Grow