Limoncello Strain

Just like the Italian limoncello, the Limoncello strain is perfect for a post-meal toke. If you decide to grow the Limoncello strain, expect a room full of gorgeous plants that exude a profound aroma of fermenting lemons. Remember to stake your Limoncello plants, the flowers pack on the weight in the final weeks of flowering.

The Limoncello strain is a refreshing and vibrant hybrid that is perfect for any time of day. A mix of Lemonade and Cherry Pie, this sativa-dominant flower has genetics that are 60% sativa and 40% Indica.

With THC levels up to 24%, the Limoncello strain is sure to provide a uplifting and energetic high that will help you take on your day with ease.

Terpenes such as limonene, myrcene, and pinene give this hybrid it’s delicious citrusy flavor and aroma, while also providing some relief from anxiety and stress. This moderate difficulty strain can be grown indoors or outdoors, reaching heights of 6.5 feet tall.

  • Lineage – Lemonade and Cherry Pie Strain
  • 24% THC
  • Height – 6.5′
  • Cultivation Difficulty – Moderate