Medellin Strain

Looking for an exceptional cannabis strain that delivers both flavor and potency? Look no further than Medellin Strain. This heavy-hitter is perfect for those who need a powerful pick-me-up, with THC levels averaging 30% and above.

Pungent and flavorful, this strain tastes of lemon, pepper, and tea – making it a pleasure to smoke. It’s also known for its euphoric, tingly body high which can help relieve symptoms of ADHD, depression, anxiety, and pain.

A powerful strain that will help relieve pain and cramps, Medellin strain is a hard-hitting strain that is perfect for smoking in a bong, and its dense, sticky buds are rich in THC. With bright green hues and orange hairs, Medellin is truly is a sight and smoke to behold.

  • High THC Levels On Average
  • Great Tasting
  • Fantastic For Relief From Pain