Nitro Cookies Strain

Nitro Cookies strain, a hybrid strain that is made from the crossing two powerful parent strains, Gas Mask and Animal Cookies.

Nitro strain produces both uplifting and relaxing effects. Its pungent terpenes will overcome your olfactory sensor with gassy and earthy flavors while also providing just a hint of sweetness.

This strain provides frosty dense nugs which are dark green and purple in color. Nitro Cookies Strain is effective for different types of conditions such as anxiety or depression.

A creative and delightfully cannabis strain, Nitro Cookies is irresistible in appearance and taste, this fairly potent strain (19% THC average levels with 2% CBD) flowers in around 8 weeks and produces good yields.

  • THC Level 17%
  • Flowering Time 8 Weeks
  • Hybrid