Pura Vida Strain

Pura Vida Strain, a beautiful cultivar from Bodhi Seeds, is the result of crossing LA Pure Kush with Appalachia.

With bulbous light green buds and stark red pistils, Pura Vida has deep flavors that include earthy musky notes as well as hints of menthol floating above rich base aromas including fuel and citrus scents. The happy high this strain gives off will put you in a good mood even on rainy days.

Pura Vida is a Sativa dominant strain that takes all the best elements from Kush and chem families. Its 9-week flowering time makes for an upper medium yield, but it’s worth every second of your love!

The Pura Vida strain is one of the heaviest out there. It starts with a soft tingle, but then it quickly engulfs your whole body in relaxation and euphoria. This uplifted mood leaves you feeling like all worries are melting away as well, which will leave you on your sofa for hours to come.

  • THC – Up to 30%
  • Moderately difficult to cultivate
  • Small buds but not to be underestimated