Purple Zkittlez Strain

Purple Zkittlez strain is a cross of Purple Punch Strain and Zkittlez cultivated by Ethos Genetics that is noted for its rich flavour and potent high.

This strain has noticeable THC levels of 19%+ and offers gorgeous purple hues with trichomes that stand out producing a fruity bouquet and grape tasting flavour.

People who are fans of purple strains will be sure to love Purple Zkittles strain, users often report feeling relaxed after consuming Purple Zkittlez with other common effects of feelings of relaxation, and sleepiness being reported often, this may make this a good strain for those that suffer from insomnia.

Other notable effects are reported as its possible use for relieving of headaches and anxiety issues whilst some people may be aware of a noticeable increase in appetite or the famous munchies.

Due to Purple Zkittlez high THC content, some people and inexperienced cannabis users have reported increased feelings of paranoia and anxiousness which can often lead to dry mouth, so it is important to go slow when consuming Purple Zkittlez.

This strain is not always easy to find so we recommend trying a parent strain such as Zkittlez.

  • 19% THC Content
  • Purple colored flowers