Race Fuel Strain

Race Fuel strain is a cross of two strains; OG kush strain and Face Off strain. The result? A tall, robust plant that flowers in 10 weeks with above-average yields.

It has been known to relieve anxiety and pain, as well as provide relief from ADD or lack of appetite in those who consume it. Race Fuel strain is not your average strain. With aromas of diesel, kerosene, and citrusy lemon, it’s no wonder they call this strain “race fuel” for a reason!

Race Fuel strain effects hit you with a rush of energy first followed by a content cozy feeling. Race Fuel is the perfect strain for a relaxing night. It has an average THC level and will leave your mind calm, without any unpleasant after-effects or withdrawal symptoms that come with more potent strains.

  • THC levels up to 15%
  • Hybrid
  • Strong parentage