Sundae Driver Strain

When you indulge in the Sundae Driver strain — every day will feel like Sunday. Once you grow out a full crop of Sundae Driver, you’ll be one of the few that has access to this rare gem. If you want to grow the best of the best, look no further than the Sundae Driver strain.

Sundae Driver Strain is an incredibly delicious and potent cannabis strain that offers a blissful, happy high. This 50/50 Sativa-Indica hybrid is perfect for anyone looking for a little bit of everything – it’s uplifting and euphoric but also relaxing and mellow.

With THC levels above 20%, Sundae Driver is sure to please even the most hardcore cannabis lover. And thanks to its Indica heritage, this strain grows tall and easily produces bumper crops of dense, resinous buds.

  • Parent Strains – FPOG & Grape Pie
  • 20% THC Levels & Above
  • Flowering Time 7-9 Weeks